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Everything shippers need to know about Verified Gross Mass Requirements (VGM)

Attention all shippers! There are very crucial changes to International law.

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May 12th 2016 Vessels at Sea

The Safety of Life at Sea convention (SOLAS) is a treaty of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Recent changes to the treaty have required that shippers document the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of containers using specific methods. Though not law yet the amendment is set to become international law July 1st 2016. Shippers risk missing their booked vessel if the VGM documentation is ignored.

Congratulations to the The Halifax Port Authority for achieving top marks for their Commitment to Environmental Sustainability.

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April 1st 2016 Green Marine Grade Scale: Excellence and Leadership, Introduction of new Technologies, Management PlN ns Footprint measurement, Systematic use of a defined number of best practices, Monitoring Regulations.

Green Marine, a voluntary environmental certification program for the North American marine industry, attempts to work with participants and adopt best practices and technologies to help with environmental sustainability. The Halifax Port Authority received a perfect grade of all 5's (indicating excellence and leadership). We congratulate The Halifax Port authority as well as Green Marine for their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Introducing our Information Page!

October 7th 2016

On this page you will be able to use our Unit Converter for distance and weight as well as print files that may be of interest to you!

SOLAS Convention: Verified Gross Mass Requirements will be required by law.

Set to take effect July 1st 2016

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April 1st 2016

Attention all shippers! The Safety of Life at Sea convention (SOLAS) is a treaty of the International Maritime Organization. Recent changes to the treaty have required that the weight of containers must be verified and documented in specific methods. Though not law yet the international treaty is set to be in effect July 1st 2016.

Going Around Africa?

Oil Prices allow cargo ships to go around the Africa instead of through canals.

March 4th 2016
Cargo Ship

The low price of oil has made it possible for cargo ships to avoid costly tariffs of the Suez and Panama canals and take the long way around Africa instead. SeaIntel, maritime trade analysts, have found that going around South Africa would save on average 235,000$ per voyage!

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